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Worldwide Womb Blessing ®

The Worlwide Womb Blessing® Attunement is a nationwide celebration of more than 200,000 women from more than 150 countries and over 4,600 Moon Mothers®.

The gentle, but powerful, attunement re-awakens women's connection to the Divine Feminine at the Womb Centre.  It is life changing and deeply healing.  


This free distant transfer of Womb Blessing® energy is accessed by registering with Miranda Gray on the main international Womb Blessing® website, choosing your preferred time to receive and taking part in a specific meditation practice.


In the Worldwide Womb Blessing® women connect together energetically across the world as a group, bringing beautiful healing and awakening to the common patterns shared among the group. The Worldwide Womb Blessing® also spreads the Womb Blessing® energy around the world, with every woman taking part sharing the energy and grounding its vibration into the Earth.

Each of the five Worldwide Womb Blessings® has an additional meditation to connect with the archetypal phase or energy of the season.  Below are the additional meditations aligned for the Northern Hemiphere:


February - Womb Renewal Meditation


May - Accepting our Sexuality Meditation


August - Abundance Meditation


October - Healing the Mother Ancestors Meditation


December - The Circle of Sisters Meditation

Dates 2019                                                                             Dates 2020

February 19th                                                                         February 9th

May 18th                                                                                 May 7th

August 15th                                                                            August 3rd

October 13th                                                                          October 31st

December 12th                                                                      December 30th


To register on > FOR WOMEN * > FOR MEN

USA Circles / Groups about the Worldwide Womb Blessing®, check our event link on our Facebook Page


If you are a Moon Mother® and want to be listed with your circle in our official flyer and Facebook page, please Register your group

Support according to the Worldwide Womb Blessing®:

 > Find a Moon Mother®

 > Contact USA Co-ordination Team


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