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Womb Blessing® & Healing Session

The Womb Blessing® is a transformational energy therapy and female practice that brings powerful healing and change to the womb and its cycle, and to the four female archetypal energies, to create connectedness to our femininity, tranquillity and centeredness, female empowerment and well-being. Through connection to the Divine Feminine it opens us to our natural female spirituality.


A Personal Womb Blessing® given by Moon Mothers® is a transfer of Blessing energy through a sequence of hand positions and breaths. The Blessing is focused on an individual’s energies, her personal awakening and her connection to her femininity to help her live a more consciously female life.

The Womb Blessing® awakens aspects of our female nature – our strength and empowerment, centeredness, intuitive wisdom and inspiration, dynamic energy, empathy and compassion, inspiration, inner stillness, creativity, sexuality and spirituality - that have been repressed or dormant.


A Womb Blessing® is a sanctuary of Divine Feminine energy away from the pressures and stresses of a masculinised world, where you reconnect with your own femininity in openness, acceptance and love.

When the world gets too much.
When we feel empty, incomplete and vulnerable. 
When we don’t know who we are or what it means to be female.

The Womb Blessing® brings us back to our female nature, opens us to our natural spirituality, and energises the centre of our female empowerment, calling our female soul back to us.

Female Energy Awakening

Pic by Miranda Gray

The Womb Healing is a gentle and relaxing hands-on healing sequence that works with the three main female energy centres (different to the chakra system) and the energy points that relate to the four female archetypes.

The Womb Healing supports the changes the Blessing energy creates, clears energy blocks and restores the energy of the womb centre and of depleted archetypal energies to bring balance across the menstrual cycle and between archetypes – this is particularly helpful for menopausal women.

Womb Healing

Womb healing can be given before a Womb Blessing® to prepare a woman for the Blessing, or after the Blessing to help her to integrate the Womb Blessing® changes. It can be given to a woman as often as she wishes, and is often described as an oasis of female calm and restoration in a hectic and busy modern world.

If you want to receive this wonderful energy contact a Moon Mother®.

Pic by Miranda Gray

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