Coordination Team

Juliana L Migic

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now living in Connecticut, USA.

My journey started when I was a teenager, taking Crystals courses, Reiki and I thought about a Psychology degree. But I’ve decided to take Library Science degree. I know information is power. It can change people, so I’ve decided to be a librarian: being surrounded by books and people. I did not know at that time, that it was another milestone in my path: I was learning to organize a Library and learning to categorize and “putting in order some books in my personal Library”.

After working as a librarian for several years, I’ve figured out that I needed more pieces in my puzzle to be completed. So, I’ve decided to be a certified health coach, to understand how the body and mind works. It was a way to support myself, family, friends and community with the triade: body, mind and food. One year later, I received as a gift, the book, The Red Moon. This book was the wow moment after years of looking for answers related to some questions about Femininity, how information is powerful about understanding that we are cycled. After that, my sis-friend, told me about the Moon Mother workshop. I’ve decided to take it! Some butterflies in my stomach, but I’ve decided to follow my gut: “Let’s do it Juliana! Yes, you can do it! Be brave!”

In this path, I feel I am painting my personal process .I have the brush and I have been mesmerized about the different colors and how different I can paint my own painting.

Sometimes, I feel like a caterpillar turning into butterfly. Not easy due to the weather and seasons, brave and keeping in mind that it is part of the process and I can fly...

It has been rewarding to find out answers that I have been looking for years....

No matter the path, we can do... we are together. Like Miranda said :”” You belong, here and now. You belong to the Earth. You belong to the Goddess. You are home.”

I feel honored, blessed and in gratitude to have had the courage to be in this path, to connect to women all over the world, to share our pain and joy....

Thank you Miranda and sisterhood for this love...

Together, we are, we can!

Indhira Gratereaux

I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. During my childhood I lived with my maternal grandmother, from whom I learned the love for life, land and kitchen.

I always thought that life was much more than a number of years fulfilled that did not pursue any goal and did not get anywhere. This turned me into a rebel at a very young age, when my search for something else started. I did not know what it was, but I felt it very strong in my heart, like a deep throbbing that pushed me to go after an unknown sensation. But, at the same time, this sensation was very familiar to my soul becoming the reason why I have lived.

I'm just a woman who after falling has managed to get up and find herself, I've trained and certified in various therapies techniques, plus the biggest gift I have is my own story; overcoming my childhood traumas, my fears, raise a family of four children, emigrate to the United States, been a survivor of two types of cancer and emerge gracefully from the deepest darkness. She’s a book author, Angels Master, Red Tent Activator, Family Constellations Coach and more.

Rieka Long

As a child of the Goddess I have been traveling down a crooked path, always headed towards women’s spiritual healing. Beginning my training the traditional way; I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of New Mexico. During this time of my awakening, I engaged the archetypal world of Carl Jung and the study of feminist thought.

I lead my first ceremony for women at my sorority, when for a women's studies class assignment; I created a rite of passage for the departing seniors. I have always done my healing work with an aim towards realignment to the Feminine Divine.

I expanded my skills with Alchemical Hypnotherapy and later trained to Master level in Reiki. For most of my adult life I have participated in or facilitated, a variety of women’s spiritual circles and sisterhoods [also called: Red Tent, Moon Lodge, Sewing Circle, etc. I am an initiated High Priestess in the Wise Tradition of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Intl.

It was only natural that I would find Miranda Gray’s writings for women. Her beautiful artwork has graced many a Celtic spirituality book in my home. In 2014 I participated in level one Moon Mother training, and in August 2018 completed the level two course.

Currently, my primary engagement with women happens in a virtual reality of Second Life on the computer.  While doing my Wiccan seminary work and training with Tanishka Tantrika to gain the skills for Red Tent Facilitators; I began the online Red Tent circle that is still in existence and has recently expanded to a second group. It has been continuously meeting weekly since 2012.

Mariana Halperin

I am an Holistic therapist, Biomagnetic specialist and Womb Wellness advocate. Mother of two daughters.

Since an early age I have been trained in various holistic techniques. In my search to know and integrate aspects of myself I found  "Red Moon", Miranda Gray's book that inspired me to help other woman in their physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic process of integration of their Feminine sacredness.

In this journey I meet my great friend Michelle, and she gave me a womb blessing. I fell in love of that session. Just a few months after, I found myself helping in the organization of the Moon Mother Level 1 workshop and taking the training myself. Almost two years passed until now and I continue being an active part of this beautiful community.

Alba Acosta

Alba Acosta is not only a daughter, wife and a mother to three beautiful children but she is also a passionate Moon Mother.  A couple of years back she discovered the Womb Blessing in a women’s retreat that made an incredible transformation in her life. This helped her recognize and remember what her soul already knew, that being a woman is so much more than the roles we play in our daily lives. She was able to recognize that there are infinite possibilities to manifest a life of simplicity, grandiosity, and service. Now, as she walks the path of the Goddess she has embraced learning and sharing her gifts with others. She is a facilitator of women’s circles, Red tents and Worldwide womb blessings in her community. Furthermore, she is a Reiki practitioner and a coordinator for Moon Mother Workshops in New York.

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