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The Earth-Yoni Blessing


Pic by Miranda Gray

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a beautiful gift of love from the Divine Mother to heal our Yoni (the vagina and vulva area), to return our Yoni to sacredness, and to reconnect us with the Earth Mother.

The Yoni is the sacred shrine of femininity. It is the entrance to the deep mystery of the soul and of life, and it is our connection to the Earth Mother and our ability to open and to fill with her energy. 

The Worldwide Earth-Yoni Blessing first started in 2013 and has become part of the Worldwide Womb Blessing® Day to spread this beautiful energy and healing to more women. The Earth-Yoni Blessing is to be shared between women as a gift of love and healing. Once a woman has received the Earth-Yoni Blessing, she can give it to other women so that they too can pass on this gift from the Mother The Earth-Yoni Blessing is a freely given gift of love for the healing of all women. I hope you enjoy it.

Love and hugs

Miranda x


Pic by Miranda Gray

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